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Liu Yu demonstrated Chen-style Taichi in 2005:

Liu Yu’s 1983 Double Hooks wushu performance in Canada as a touring member of the Jiangsu Province Professional Wushu Team:

Bare Hands Fighting Set between Liu Yu, Li Wei, and Jiang Yongquan, performed in 1983 while touring Canada as members of the Jiangsu Province Professional Wushu Team:

Monkey Staff form designed by Liu Yu’s coach, Wang Jin Bao, and performed in Canada in 1983 by his student, Huang Jun, member of the Jiangsu Province Professional Wushu Team:

Liu Yu and students of the Wushu Taichi Center demonstrating at Cal Poly’s Chinese Student Association New Year Banquet on January 28, 2012:

Coach Wang Jin Bao, Liu Yu’s professional team coach, performs in a staff vs. spear fighting set from 1974:

Liu Yu demonstrates double hooks on March 24, 2012, at the U.C. Berkeley Wushu Tournament, where she was recognized for 20 years of service as a head wushu judge.

Coach Zhang Ling Mei performs short tassel double straight swords in 1974:

Young Jet Li fights an opponent in 1974:

Flying Rainbow Straight Sword performed in 1974 by Chen Dao Yun:

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Liu Yu’s team shows synchronized kicks and jumps in a Canadian performance in 1983. The last girl to perform the butterfly could do more than 50 consecutive butterfly jumps. Sadly, she died. Her name was Song Jie and she was Little White Bunny in Awakening the Sleeping Tiger book. Liu Yu has the long braid:

Liu Yu’s former teammates battle it out on their Canadian tour in 1983:

Lovely group wushu straight sword routine performed by Liu Yu and teammates in Canada in 1983.   Liu Yu is the 5th athlete to enter the floor.

An empty hand fighter fights off opponents wielding a pole, a broadsword, and a hammer in this clip from 1983:

Fun drunken style fighting set from 1983:

Drunken solo wushu form by Liu Yu’s teammate in 1983:

Liu Yu’s Chen Straight Sword 2012:

Liu Yu and two teammates perform different free-form bagua styles in 1983:

2014 Chinese New Year Demo at Cal Poly

Liu Yu and Han Ling at the 2014 Open House:

2014 Wushu Taichi Center Open House:

Fan Form Practice on February 14, 2015:

A 10-minute documentary on Liu Yu and the Wushu Taichi Center can be viewed by clicking below. This show produced by Elliott Gong will be aired in May 2015 on SLO Charter Cable TV Channel 2. Dynamic and graceful demonstrations are at the end.