In The News

News articles and radio interviews relating to Awakening the Sleeping Tiger: The True Story of a Professional Chinese Athlete are listed below:

To hear a one-hour radio interview of Liu Yu on NPR Radio KCBX on the Bookwaves program that aired on May 10, 2011, click here.

To hear a 32-minute radio interview of the authors with Dave Congalton on KVEC that aired on February 17, 2011 (slide the bar to start at 51:00 minutes; the segment ends at 1:23:00 minutes), click here.

To read the two-part newspaper article from The Tribune published on January 30, 2011, click here and here.

To hear a 15-minute interview of the authors on KCBX Issues and Ideas program that aired on November 17, 2010, click here.